Mobineko's founder Richard was 14 and working as a remix producer for several big labels. Richard was also getting his own music pressed in east Europe and often heard the label reps complain about how expensive and difficult it was getting vinyl made in the UK. A lightbulb came on and a few days later Mobineko started taking orders as a pressing broker. Richard wanted to learn how every tiny detail of the business worked so he took part-time jobs in studio construction, cutting, pressing.. even logistics (that's packing boxes). He started to see a lot of things that the old plants were doing wrong and soon opened a small print works in Taiwan. The rest is history - Mobineko now does all of its own printing and pressing in-house and uses Richard's experience as a young pressing client to do things the right way.


Amazing sound starts with lacquer cutting (DMM doesn't cut it for us) and Mobineko is the only pressing plant that gives you a choice of top lacquer cutting studios with all costs included. No two records are the same so how could one cutting studio possibly work for all genres and all artists? All this choice comes at no extra cost.


Your great sounding lacquers are plated by the fine craftspeople at RTI - in our opinion the best plating facility available. Yes, it costs us more to have pressing mothers and stampers made by a 3rd party but plating - like cutting - is an art that needs to be done right for the best sounding records.


Mobineko has an average turn time of just 8 weeks for vinyl pressing. Get a quote online and instantly see the real time estimated finish date for your order. This doesn't mean we compromise on quality - we keep things moving by making heavy use of custom software and efficient, modern production processes.


Mobineko insists on using 100% virgin PVC for high quality, consistent pressings. Instead of grinding down waste PVC to make more records it's sent to local factories for recycling into shoes and windows. We work with at least four different international PVC compounders, sometimes choosing a particular compound to best match a particular sound.


Mobineko has a long history of supporting indie bands and small labels. Other plants have minimums of 500 or more but we are happy to press just 50. This means we have to think and work differently from a traditional plant that thrives on pure volume.


Quality Control is an area that we are constantly striving to improve. We use both human resources and high tech equipment to help achieve our goals. That means every single record gets looked over and checked by a human (wearing gloves please) but every production also has to be measured, documented and photographed in a systematic and scientific way.


Mobineko was a pioneer of online ordering for vinyl pressing and we haven't stopped innovating. Our modern pressing room features brand new networked presses made by Vinyl and customized by Mobineko engineers. Orders are monitored and processed digitally to minimize errors.


We have been shipping records around the world for over 20 years, so we know how easily delicate products get damaged. Get the benefit of our experience with expertly packed records in double packed triple walled cartons.


Vinyl is really complicated and sometimes things don't work out quite like you expected. What's important is working with a company who cares and can help you fix anything that went wrong, or even better give you the right advice and hand-holding so it doesn't go wrong in the first place!


Unless requested otherwise Mobineko contracts only with quality, big name international couriers such as UPS, TNT and FedEx. Sure, that might be more expensive for us but we understand how annoying it is when perfectly good records are ruined by cheap packaging and a lousy shipper.