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Everything made by Mobineko goes through rigorous checks at each stage. Our well equipped QC lab takes a modern scientific approach to vinyl pressing.


Pressing at Mobineko means you get access to our world famous printing with Japanese inks on the finest custom artboard and art paper. Mobineko is one of few suppliers still able to make tip-on sleeves.


Mobineko has industry leading turn times for vinyl pressing. Get a quote online and instantly see the real time estimated finish date for your order.


Mobineko insists on using 100% virgin PVC for high quality, consistent pressings. Instead of grinding down waste PVC to make more records it's sent to local factories for recycling into shoes and windows.


Mobineko has a long history of supporting indie bands and small labels. Other plants have minimums of 500 or more but we are happy to press just 50.


We have spent years perfecting tiny details like the paper used for printing labels and construction of innersleeves. Even our default basic free innersleeves are twice as thick as most offerings with an anti scratch PE coating.

Shipping Worldwide

Need 30 records for touring in Europe, 50 to your US distie and a few more for your friend's shop in Japan? No problem! Mobineko has warehouses set up in Portland OR, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Kent, UK and Taichung, Taiwan. No need to worry about any tax or customs issues, we've got you covered.

Mobineko ships worldwide

meet the team

Richard - Founder & Engineer
Richard has been working in the technical side of vinyl since the age of 14. Anything with wires or valves at Mobineko was probably built or fixed by Richard. He is a self confessed nerd, plays classical violin but also loves drum&bass and warehouse raves.
Mike - Head Honcho
Mike is an engineering genius from sunny Australia with patents ranging from fluid rowing machines to renewable energy. He is a non stop creative machine whose self-built house was even featured on Grand Designs.
Lynn - QC Lead
Lynn is proud to be Taiwan's biggest death metal fan. She is also the office prankster, but when it comes to vinyl she's all business. As a music addict not much gets past her - legend has it that somebody once touched a record without gloves and was never seen again.
James - Pressing Tech

James worked as bartender in a past life. After learning CNC manufacturing he now mixes up PVC as our key pressing tech.
Henry - Tape Master / Account Manager
Henry joined us right out of high school and has been with Mobineko ever since. He is probably the youngest expert in cassette production anywhere in the world. Henry also helps our international customers with knowledgeable answers about tapes, CDs and vinyl.
Co - Prepress
Co is the sensible member of our team, at least while the boss is watching. She brings years of experience in print and has a brilliant eye for detail. Co has saved hundreds of clients over the years by spotting mistakes that even the artist missed.
Crystal - Admin & Logistics
Crystal is a cat lover and one of Mobineko's longest standing employees. Don't be fooled - she is usually the one lifting heavy boxes while the guys stand around complaining. After clocking off Crystal runs her own craft operation combining her two favorite things - cats and beer. We approve.
JYC - Prepress
JYC is our main prepress operator for 12" vinyl jobs. He has been part of the Mobineko family for over 10 years. In his spare time he tinkers with old cameras, retro tape decks and classic turntables - which suits us just fine!
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  • No. 3, Lane 11, Alley 25, Guo Zhong 1st Road, Dali, Taichung 412, Taiwan