About Mobineko

Value guarantee

Mobineko always looks for ways to provide high quality for the best value prices. We won’t compromise on materials to offer a cheap price, but we have a few neat tricks to lower costs.

Quality guarantee

Not just the best price – also the best quality. Strict quality control and premium materials mean customers get awesome results.

Service guarantee

Choose to go self service with the best online ordering and order management system in the business – or get the full personal hand-holding treatment. Email your service representative and enjoy our industry leading response times and detailed technical knowledge. There’s a very good reason why we get so much repeat and referred business!

Who are Mobineko

Mobineko was founded in 1999 and began designing electronic equipment for cellular phone networks. Most of the company’s resources were put into systems for cellphone-based video and music which at the time was still in its infancy.

In 2001 Mobineko started experimenting with automation equipment and designed various robotic systems for CD manufacture, copying and coating. Focus eventually shifted from cellular development to media service along with CD and DVD manufacturing.

By 2003 Mobineko had begun operations in Taiwan, building a manufacturing and sales base for Southeast Asia and Japan.

In 2008 we were totally focused 100% on CD, DVD and Vinyl manufacturing with proprietary printing, coating and pressing equipment in Taichung, Taiwan. Strategic partnerships with various companies in Taiwan and Europe allow us to offer a wide range of manufacturing options at the best price and quality. 

In 2013 we started acquiring equipment and space to open a new cassette tape factory in Taichung. We now offer a unique high quality option for music cassette manufacturing.

From 2018 we now press all vinyl records in-house at our state of the art Taichung factory in the Dali industrial area.

Mobineko is 100% privately owned by British, Australian and Taiwanese investors.

Can Mobineko really make pressed CDs under 500 pcs?

Yes, Mobineko has a unique manufacturing setup for CD and DVD pressing based in Taiwan. Most plants are set up for large orders over 1000pcs which make them uneconomical for short runs. We make our own CDs and printed parts which gives us completely control over how the discs are pressed and printed (DVDs and cases are outsourced). Unlike most companies offering short run ‘pressing’ we really are pressing high quality discs from glassmasters and not just burning CDRs.

So where is Mobineko?

Mobineko’s CD, vinyl and print manufacturing base is in Taichung, Taiwan. We make all of your printed parts, vinyl and CDs in-house at our Taichung factory. DVDs are outsourced to another Taiwanese manufacturer and lacquer cutting is done by trusted and experienced engineers in the USA. Sales and support are handled by native English staff in the UK, USA and Taiwan. Everything is handled transparently so you can always call our main toll-free number in your area and reach our staff worldwide.

What does Mobineko mean?

Our original business was mobile electronics development with a media offshoot. The Chinese name of the media offshoot translates to English as ‘Small Cat Recording Company’. We have always had strong ties with the Japanese market so needed something that would work in English, Chinese and Japanese. Mobineko is just a contraction of ‘mobile’ and ‘neko’, the Japanese word for ‘cat’.

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